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10 Things Internet Commentators Think NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Is Like

"NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is like a self-serving politician.”

"Roger Goodell is like John Lithgow’s character in Footloose.”

"Roger Goodell is like the video game final boss you have to face after defeating armies of ‘stodgy lawyers in commercials’ and ‘white men in rap videos’ henchmen.”

"Roger Goodell is like the off-duty lifeguard telling teams not to swim in the ocean.”

"Roger Goodell is like a little kid that never got picked to play touch football in elementary school.”

"Roger Goodell is like Dan Synder, a rich kid who doesn’t know anything about football but wants to control everything about it.

"Roger Goodell is like the kid from high school or college who is so rule abiding that he would remind the teacher to collect homework and engage in other douchebaggery like calling someone out for cheating.”

"Roger Goodell is like the Soup Nazi of Commissioners.”

"Roger Goodell is like the retarded dean that thinks he can remove partying and hazing from his campus.”

"Roger Goodell is like a combination of stomach flu, the IRS, and Hitler.”

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